FabGalz® is a non-profit organization that Pontsho started in 2009. In all her training facilitation consulting, recruitment consulting, motivational speaking and the image consulting business, she is persistently asked by women she encounters for guidance and advice on career and life matters in general. These are women whose personal circumstances and life story have left them feeling disempowered and in need of upliftment. She saw a need to formally start FabGalz® (slang for "Fabulous Girls") and extend her services to young girls
in schools.

FabGalz®'s mission is to uplift and empower women and girls from Grade 10 onwards from all backgrounds with skills to harness the power of dreams, life plans and the projection of the appropriate image for their desired destiny. FabGalz® seeks to inspire young women to aim much higher than their current circumstances in the belief that life is indeed fabulous in spite of their personal history. A few young girls have already benefited from FabGalz® and more will be part of the workshops that will be organized to spread the fabulosity message to all women and girls in South Africa.

FabGalz® initiatives and programmes will reach all corners of South Africa, especially the neglected rural and disadvantaged communities. FabGalz® is the lasting legacy that Pontsho intends creating for many generations of women and girls in South Africa.

To join FabGalz®, please click here for the enrolment form and write a letter of motivation telling us why you want to be part of FabGalz®. The letter should be addressed to and we will surely revert to you on receipt of completed form and letter of motivation!