Pontsho Manzi, founder of FabImage, is an Image Consultant
and professional motivational speaker. She specializes in
keynote addresses and "hands on" breakout workshops,
as well as in-depth corporate image workshops custom-
designed to transform the image and attitude of
employees at all levels. With her classic sense of
fashion, she is passionate about helping people
change their image and improve their lives.
Pontsho qualified as an image consultant with
The Image Academy of South Africa (A Member
of the Institute for Colour and Image Consultants
for Men and Women in California, USA) in 2006.

She is knowledgeable, outspoken, highly
determined and skilful, yet compassionate when
working with people. As a natural entrepreneur,
Pontsho knew early on in her life that fashion,
design and image makeovers were her passion
and would one day form part of her portfolio
of businesses. Growing up, her sense of style and
ability to assist others to look their best within
their budgets demonstrated her natural talent.

To request Pontsho Manzi for a speaking 
engagement click here:info@fabimage.co.za 
Please contact Pontsho today to explore how
 she can elevate your group to greater heights! 

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TIP: If you are one of the rare few that think image does 
not matter, try shopping at a fine store dressed in what 
you would normally wear to clean your house. Then visit 
the same store looking well groomed and wearing 
your best suit. Chances are the staff will treat you quite differently on both occasions.