Personal leadership and development is the most vital skill one can learn from school. Education, coupled with
good manners and the understanding and appreciation of self, is the greatest gift one can receive from school. The training workshops run by FabImage in schools help create a 'new' generation of children who have high
levels of self-confidence and self-respect. The workshops help each child project a unique, progressive and powerful self-image that enables them to process and rise above peer pressure and negative popular media messages that target today's teenagers.

The workshops run for schools are:

• Born to be great
• Path finders
• Me, myself and I
• Body gestures and the new you

Looking your best at any special event always contributes to your enjoyment of the occasion. FabImage
will also recommend a suitable hair stylist and makeup artist to complete your whole look for occasions like weddings, anniversaries, gala events, conferences and any other event where you have to be seen.
• Women’s events-From plain Jane to a Fabulous Woman

FabImage Gift Voucher
You can purchase a gift voucher for loved ones or friends for any of the above services.
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